"All beings, animate or inanimate are subject to the influence of planets and astrology, occult sciences, tantrik solutions simply tells us the approximate time and intensity of their influence, good, bad or indifferent & how can they be alleviated, neutralized or overcome by adapting suitable remedies as prescribed by sages."

Greetings & best wishes!

May the Almighty shower his blessings on all living beings.
I, a humble and most timid creation of the almighty am known as Avinash Chandera Dheer. I post graduated in Geology and was initiated in this field by my 'Guru' and 'Teacher', His Holiness Shri Shri Ramananda Sarasvati Ji 'Param Hans', an ascetic sage, who has dedicated his life for the unprivileged.

I have been practicing astrology, astro solutions, astrological healing, ritual healing of complicated and chronic diseases, yantras, Gems vastu (architectural astrology), tantra, treatment of haunted places, persons and business establishments, gem therapy, ritual healing of physical and parapsychic problems etc.for the last twenty years as tantrik expert with indian occult, astro solutions, astro tantrik remedies, and horary astrology aids cure.

By the blessings of my revered 'Guru ji' & the grace of my mother goddess 'Tripurasundri' I have been able to guide hundreds of my clients to their fullest satisfaction and a desire to serve larger areas with indian tantrik astrology has inspired me to contact you by this medium.

With Best Wishes
Avinash Chandera Dheer.

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ShivPuri, Sugar Mill Road, Barabanki, UP-225002, INDIA

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