Vastu Architectural

(Vadic Architectural Astrology)

Grossly misinterpreted and misrepresented as only a technique related to generalized structural and architectural guidance, original 'Vaastu' is a precise science meant to prescribe real and effective solutions to almost every problem involving specialised astrological study of horoscopes (natal charts) with strict adherence to vedic scriptures and ancient Indian astrological texts. (Vaastu guidance without detailed study of horoscope/s does not confirm to the required standard and effect.)

Expert astrological guidance according to ancient Indian scriptures (Vedic architecture) to select construction sites & build homes or group housing, apartments, commercial complexes, office blocks, shopping arcades, industrial buildings, hotels & restaurants etc. etc.

Planning and designing of structures, location of constituents, auspicious trees and plants, with emphasis on magnetic fields, earth, directions and zones so as to not only cater to the gross needs but also to subtle needs of mental peace and happiness.

Special study by experts for locating architectural defects and causes of evil - consequences suffered by the inmates as continuous misfortune, ill health, unnatural deaths or phenomenon, misery, misunderstanding or persistent quarrels amongst neighbors, guests, shopkeepers, factory workers etc., continuous losses or litigation, loss of honor etc. and guidance provided for rectification of the same.

Treatment of spirit haunted places, houses or establishments is also done by vedic rituals to full satisfaction.

Details Required

For New Construction

Size of plot and area to be covered
Exact location of plot / land in respect to existing roads
Nature of building
Exact plotting of directions (N. S. E. W.)

For existing construction

Map of building
Full details of building
Problems with the building / shop etc.


New Construction: Indian RS. 3000.00 + Postage or US $225 or any currency of equal value.
Rectification / Renovation of existing construction: Indian RS. 4000.00 + Postage or US $300.00 any currency of equal value.
For Commercial complexes according to size of construction

Note : Charges for visits at site will be up-down fares and expenses @RS. 5000.00 or US $375 Per day.



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